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1. How do I sign up as an artist or art buyer on ZicoArt?

Answer: Signing up on ZicoArt is easy and straightforward. Simply choose the “Sign Up” option here on our website. Follow the prompts to complete your profile setup. 

2. What are the commission rates for selling artwork on ZicoArt?

Answer: ZicoArt is committed to fair compensation for artists. We offer one of the lowest commission rates in the industry at only 25%, ensuring artists receive a significant portion of the sales price. 

3. Can I purchase art from anywhere in the world?

Answer: Absolutely! ZicoArt is a global platform, and we feature artists from across the globe. Art buyers can explore and purchase artworks regardless of their or the artist’s location. We provide detailed shipping information and assistance for international transactions.

4. How does ZicoArt support artists with disabilities?

Answer: ZicoArt prides itself on being an inclusive platform. We offer tailored support for artists with disabilities, including accessible website features, personalized assistance for setting up and managing their profiles, and special programs to highlight their work. Our mission is to ensure every artist has the opportunity to showcase their talent.

5. What is the return policy for artworks purchased on ZicoArt?

Answer: We strive to ensure satisfaction with every purchase. If you’re not completely happy with the artwork you’ve received, our return policy allows you to return it within a specified period for a refund or exchange, subject to certain conditions. For detailed information on our return policy, please check the “Terms and Conditions” section on our website.



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