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Create an Account: Simple and fast registration to start your art journey.
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Online Art Classes: Sign up for online art courses from artists around the world.  


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Global Exposure: Display your artwork to an international audience.
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Teach Classes: Earn extra by offering online art classes.
Community Engagement: Connect with other artists and collaborate on projects.  

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Virtual Exhibitions: Host unlimited online galleries with no space constraints.
New Artist Discovery: Gain access to a diverse pool of emerging talents.
Customizable Profiles: Tailor your gallery’s profile to attract more visitors.
International Sales Support: Complete support for logistics and shipping.
Marketing Tools: Utilize our platform for promotional campaigns. 

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Exclusive Artworks: Access to private sales and unique pieces.
Investment Opportunities: Insights into trending artists and potential value gains.
Networking: Connect with artists and other art dealers globally.
Market Analytics: Receive updates on market trends and pricing.
Secure Transactions: Ensure safety in all your purchasing processes. 

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Access to Unique Artworks: Discover a wide array of art tailored to complement your design aesthetics.
Sell Your Design Services: Market your interior design services to a global audience.
Project Collaboration Tools: Utilize our platform to collaborate with artists and commission bespoke pieces directly.
VR/AR Visualization: Employ cutting-edge AR/VR technology to visualize artworks in your design spaces before making a purchase.
Expand Your Client Offerings: Offer your clients something unique with custom art solutions that can define any space.
Professional Networking: Connect with other design professionals, share insights, and expand your professional network. 


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Tailored Art Solutions: Access a curated selection of artworks perfect for enhancing corporate and hospitality environments.
Guest Engagement: Align your art collection with your business goals and values and enhance guest and employee experiences.
Custom Art Procurement: Get assistance in acquiring specific artworks to enhance client relations or keep décor fresh.   
Event and Promotional Support: Utilize ZicoArt’s platform for organizing art-themed events and promoting your business’s unique offerings.

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