Crafting a Marketplace Where Art and Opportunity Merge

At ZicoArt, our mission is born from a deep-rooted passion for art and an unwavering commitment to those who create and appreciate it. Our core purpose is to offer a space that simplifies the complexities artists face, allowing them to dedicate themselves to what truly matters—their creativity. We offer business tools and expanded opportunities, making the art marketplace more accessible, equitable, and vibrant for everyone involved.

Why We Do What We Do

Empowering Artists’ Business

We believe artists deserve a platform where their talents are proudly showcased and, more importantly, fairly compensated. In the traditional art world, artists often face high commission rates and limited exposure. ZicoArt challenges this by offering lower commission rates and global visibility to ensure artists can sustain and grow their careers on their own terms.

Enriching Art Buyers’ Experience

Art buyers, from seasoned collectors to interior designers to casual enthusiasts and gift-givers, often struggle to find distinct and authentic artworks. ZicoArt fills this gap by curating a wide range of quality artworks to make the discovery and purchase of art a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Supporting Underrepresented and Artists with Disabilities

We recognize that artists with disabilities and emerging talents often lack the platforms to showcase their work. ZicoArt provides a welcoming space that celebrates everyone and fosters growth for artists from all walks of life.

Revolutionizing Art Galleries

Traditional art galleries face challenges in terms of reach and operational costs. ZicoArt offers digital solutions that transform how galleries operate, reducing overhead while expanding their audience globally.

Creating Community and Connection

Art is about connection and community. ZicoArt fosters a positive environment where artists, buyers, and art lovers can interact, learn, and grow together, forming lasting relationships bound by a shared love for art.

Our approach

Our approach is holistic, innovative, and centered on the real needs of the art community. We combine cutting-edge technology, market insights, and a deep understanding of the art world’s challenges to create solutions that are effective and revolutionary. By focusing on empowerment and accessibility, ZicoArt is your new leading digital platform in the art world.

Join Our Mission

Be a Part of the Art Revolution
Your experience with art, whether creating, collecting, or connecting, begins here at ZicoArt. Join us in our mission to reshape the art world for the better.